Enjoy these video interviews with our judges. They cover a wide range from how they started out in music at a young age to what they listen for in an ensemble/trumpet soloists to how music impacts the world. Topics covered include: promoting yourself, the importance of storytelling in music, career advice, artistic integrity, finding your voice, following your dreams, overcoming injuries and more.  Also featured are performances by our trumpet judges. 

We are pleased to present part one of our interview with Dr. Mark Davis Scatterday, conductor of the Eastman Wind Ensemble and Ictus International Music Competition's chief Band/Wind Ensemble judge.
This interview discusses everything from Mary's first notes on the trumpet to forging her path as a soloist and overcoming a major lip injury. She also discusses time management, producing good quality videos, using social media, networking, producing a CD, and much more useful information.
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Listen to Stilian discuss his work with Symphony in C and learn that in addition to being an award-winning pianist and award-winning conductor, he also plays oboe!
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Our latest https://www.trumpetcompetition.com video featuring David Bilger performing J.G. Pennequin's "Morceau de Concert," accompanied by Anna Kislitsyna. David is the principal trumpet of The Philadelphia Orchestra and a trumpet professor at the Curtis Institute of Music, Boyer College of Music and Dance - Temple University, and, from fall 2018, Northwestern University.
Virtuoso trumpeter, arranger, and composer Brandon Ridenour was the youngest member to ever join the Canadian Brass at age 20. Here he talks about how to perform when you don't feel great. Learn more about Brandon: http://www.brandonridenour. Learn more about Ictus Music: http://www.trumpetcompetition.com http://www.ictusmusiccompetition.com
http://www.trumpetcompetition.org - Ictus Music http://www.brandonridenour.org - Brandon Ridenour https://www.youtube.com/user/ridenotes - Brandon's YouTube Sheet Music - https://www.brandonridenour.org/product-page/blue-courante-violin-partita-no-2-bach-ridenour We met with virtuoso trumpeter and composer, Brandon Ridenour in his Brooklyn studio back in October for his Ictus International Music Competition interview as part of our www.trumpetcompetition.com project where he is a finals judge.
Brandon Ridenour, virtuoso trumpeter, composer, and arranger discussed how to stay in the zone while performing. Brandon was the youngest member to ever join the Canadian Brass and was a 2014 winner of the Concert Artist Guild competition.
Classical Trumpeter and Gold Medal Global Music Award Winner, Mary Bowden plays "Syrinx" by Claude Debussy. Mary is a finals trumpet judge for the 2018 Ictus International Music Competition. Learn more about Ictus Music at https://www.trumpetcompetition.com Learn more about Mary at https://www.marybowden.com