2018 Ictus International Music Competition

Announcement of Finalists* - July 15, 2018



*Finalists are listed below by category and then alphabetically by first name. Winners will be announced on September 1st, 2018. Those who have advanced to the finals are not guaranteed a prize or honorable mention.

Trumpet Competition

Group 1 – Ages 13 & Under

Aidan Peterson, United States

Ganvai Friedrich, Switzerland

Ilias Nevretdinov, Russia

Jaemin Park, South Korea

Joshua Kucharski, United States

Marcel Chouinard, Canada

Maxwell DeForest, United States

Sophie Urban, United States


Group 2 – Ages 14-18

Erick Venditte dos Santos, Brazil

Forrest Johnston, United States

Remi Beltran, United States

Samuel Santiago, United States


Group 3 – Ages 19-25

Alan Tolbert, United States

Chris O'Brien, United States

Joseph Tkach, United States

Riley Conley, United States


Group 4 – Ages 26 & Up

Anton Odintsov. Russia

Mauro Kuxyipijy Delgado Diaz, Mexico

Morris Northcutt, United States

Phill O'Neill, Australia

Raul Calvo Royo, Spain

Satoshi Takagaki, Japan


Orchestra/Band/Wind Ensemble Competition


Oklahoma State University Symphony Orchestra

Dr. Thomas Dickey, Conductor

Oklahoma State University

Still Water, OK, United Sates


OSM Camerata

Xavier Cloete, Conductor

Odeion School of Music

University of The Free State

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa


High School  

Johnny Economedes High School Orchestra

Christina Amorim, Head Orchestra Director

Freddy Contreras-Romero, Assistant Orchestra Director

Edinburg, Texas, United States


Middle School

Griffin Middle School Wind Ensemble

Leigh Ann McClain, Director

The Colony, Texas, United Sates


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