Conductor Jan Wagner on "Going Beyond the Notes and Rythyms."

"Just to play perfectly is only 50 or 60% of the job, and you now need to communicate something else." -- Jan Wagner

Here is the latest video in our interview series with our judges.  In this video, orchestra judge, Jan Wagner,  discusses what he will listen for when adjudicating.  

Below the video, we list some key takeaway points if you don't have time to watch:

Here are some key takeaway points if you don't have time to watch:

1.) No two orchestras are the same.  Each orchestra depends on the players.  You can't expect to go to a middle school orchestra concert and hear the Berlin Philharmonic.

2.) He describes certain levels or "layers" of what you are expecting to hear.  The first of which is that the ensemble should play the right notes and correct rhythms. Additionally, he states that ensemble members should play in tune and coordinate with each other.

3.) The thing that will make the difference is what he describes as "something he will hear beyond the right notes, rhythms and intonation." He says that he will listen to see if the orchestra is conveying the message of the composition, and that will be more important than who will play louder, or faster, or more in tune with each other. He states:  "do the ensemble members understand what they are playing?  What is the subtext? What is the intended feeling?"

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